So last time, I took down a Barroth with a Sword and Shield weapon, even slicing its tail off.  I've gone on to repeat my ability to kill him without using a Lance with a Long Sword a couple of times, a Bow a few times (never took a hit that time,) and many more kills with a Sword and Shield.  I even crafted myself a nice Blademaster Barroth set, which I've come to enjoy, it's a good, fairly balanced set.

Then it came time for Gobul, another monster I had issues with in Tri.  Another monster that I could only defeat with a Lance.  And another monster I've come to decimate on Tri Ultimate.  I hunted this thing down with a trusty Sword and Shield and that chain-saw Long Sword, but mostly with my Sword and Shield.  Now I'm a proud owner of a Blademaster Gobul set, along with what's turning into one of my most used weapons, the first Gobul-based Sword and Shield, Azi Dahaka.

I've reached the point where I try to use a different Blademaster weapon, but everything outside of the Sword and Shield and Dual Blades just feels so slow and clunky now, despite how much I loved them before.

I'm gonna have to get back into Gunning, I'm falling behind in both Gunner Armors and weapons.  Time to farm some more and get them up to snuff.

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