So, here I was on Tri, building up my stock of Lances. And while I'm building them, I like to use 'em too, just to get that practice in. To get the parts needed to make my Spiral Lance, I decided to do the "A Royal Pain" capture quest, which I never did do. Not that I ignored it, I just wanted to at least unlock my Gobul quest.

Anyhoo, on my THIRD attempt at capturing the bloody thing (wasn't co-operating with my trap setup...) I chased it from Area 9 to Area 5. I really didn't want to, the quest said the area was Unstable, and while mostly just annoying, I run into Great Jaggi and Qurupeco there WAY too often for my liking.

I wasn't too surprised when I saw a shadow on the ground and heard wings flapping. Bloody Qurupeco would make my day, just to distract me from my real target. I was surprised, however, when the thing landed. It was a bloody Rath. Here's where color blindness can suck, I couldn't tell you if it was an Ian or a Los, all I wanted to do was get AWAY from it. After all, the Ludroth Armor I was wearing was not exactly fire friendly. Being closer to Area 2 than 9, I made a break for that, then snuck around via the Base Camp passage to Area 9. Got another surprise, as the Royal Ludroth entered that area. Guess he didn't wanna be around that Rath any more than I did.

Well, got my water lance now, so I'm happy. Need some strange beaks to finish up one of my other lances, so I guess I'll go capture a Qurupeco or two... assuming I don't run into another Rath again...

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