So after a lotta trial and error, and a lot of zenny wasted, I've decided to main with Bowguns in Tri. That said, I do have a couple of questions I'd like to ask the more experienced players, just to clear things up.

1) Perhaps it's just me, but does fighting underwater affect your Range and Deviation? I swear, when I was tryin' to weaken some Sharqs, my shots weren't going quite as far or as accurately as they did on land. Then again, could just be me, like I said.

2) I've seen the Wyvern's Fire ammo, but I've never had the opportunity to use it. Does it function like a GunLance's?

3) How much stronger does Felyne Sharpshooter make your NormalS ammo? I use a lotta PelletS when fighting minion toting bosses, but I need the NormalS from time to time, plus I only use NormalS 1 when I'm in Moga Woods. Don't have the funds or the supplies to waste ammo there.

4) Is there a certain armor set I should be doin' my darndest to get? I'm currently huntin' around in the low-rank Alloy armor.

And that's all. Hope for some good info.

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