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  • Noobking87

    Gobbling up Gobuls

    June 7, 2013 by Noobking87

    So last time, I took down a Barroth with a Sword and Shield weapon, even slicing its tail off.  I've gone on to repeat my ability to kill him without using a Lance with a Long Sword a couple of times, a Bow a few times (never took a hit that time,) and many more kills with a Sword and Shield.  I even crafted myself a nice Blademaster Barroth set, which I've come to enjoy, it's a good, fairly balanced set.

    Then it came time for Gobul, another monster I had issues with in Tri.  Another monster that I could only defeat with a Lance.  And another monster I've come to decimate on Tri Ultimate.  I hunted this thing down with a trusty Sword and Shield and that chain-saw Long Sword, but mostly with my Sword and Shield.  Now I'm a proud owner of a B…

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  • Noobking87

    So I've been playing a LOT of Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate on my 3DS.  I still haven't figured out why I like it so much over Tri (excluding the new monsters and what not.)

    I've been bouncing around my weapons a lot, building up a stock of just about every weapon type in the game, I've even been making sure to have both Blademaster and Gunner armors, so I can easily switch between the two when I want without worry.  This has kept my from getting TOO far into the single player game, but it does give me a LOT of practice.  I even managed to pull something off I never thought I would have.

    Now if you've read any of my previous blogs, you'll might have guessed that I'm not the best when it comes to fighting a Barroth, the first Brute Wyvren.  I H…

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  • Noobking87

    Here I go again, another new Monster Hunter, another set of weapon training.  I picked up Tri Ultimate for my 3DS, but as it seems to be my custom, I didn't grab the Circle Pad Pro attachment.  That's all right, I find the touch-screen camera control to work out just fine when I need camera movement but not offensive action.

    I haven't reached the point where I've even picked up Cha-Cha yet, but I will eventually.  Just building up my stock of arms and armor first.

    Oh, and please do remember, these are my oppinions, yours will most likely vary.  After all, I play alone 99% of the time, and I'm still no expert hunter.


    I find these guys to be just like their Portable Third version, surprisingly strong, while still maintaining the nice ba…

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  • Noobking87

    So I got my hands on Monster Hunter Portable Third, finally giving in to the fact that Capcom isn't going to bring over another Monster Hunter for the forseable future. More's the pity.

    So like every other new Monster Hunter game I've played, I went through a lot of weapon and control training. Getting the hang of the weapon controls was easier than keeping track of the fact that Circle is now the confirm button, not X. Ah, the confusion that caused...

    However, I must say, it's great having two Felyne Companions with me. It really feels like I'm having a little hunting party going on at all times.

    I swear, this weapon has gotten ungodly strong. It still has all the halmarks that Sword & Shield lovers have come to love over the years; qui…

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  • Noobking87

    Hunting Jhen

    May 29, 2011 by Noobking87

    To be honest, I hate fights like this. Long, pointlessly drawn out fights. But since it's the Festival of Fear, all anyone wants to do online is hunt Jhen. So, naturally, I get dragged along in a couple fights. Still in Low-Rank gear, having only made it to the Guild 2* quests, I find death happens way too often for my liking. Though my latest Jhen hunt actually ended without me dying, with only using a few Mega Potions, and a successful repel. I was with two other hunters, a hr85 guy who liked heavy boguns and that Alatreon long sword, and a hr31 guy who had a Jhen sword and shield. Boy did I feel rather pathetic. All I had on was some Jaggi armor, and a lance I fetched for that quest just to have it's huge shield.

    They went on abo…

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