Perhaps I've been playing Monster hunter too much lately, I only recently began playing again after a 4 month hiatis. I'm really getting sick of solo hunting, I'm good enough at it but it's too time consuming. There is a lot of preperation and one stupid mistake often gets you killed. I know this is the way of Monster Hunter, but I'm so used to years of hunting alongside my brother. He recently retired from the series saying it's been a blast, but 500 hours is propably more than anyone should devote to a game. I'm fairly certain the real reason is because his friends all have short attention spans and all quit after about 40 hours. Needless to say, he can no long play the "God among noobs" and is relunctant to return to aggressive high rank hunting.

So my brother's out of the picture and I haven't solo hunted in at least 8 months. Just last night I tried sleep bombing Kirin during the Fleeting Shadow quest. I almost killed the first one, but then I got careless and allowed the second to spot me, rookie mistake. I quit the quest and decided to farm Cephadrome for coral fins to upgrade the Sandman Spike, which I believed was the source of my lose. Well I headed out using full Rajang and Seigmund. I actually got killed by the big sand fish. I would repeatedly get greedy with my charge attacks, by the time I swung, his head had moved and I got hit with the back end of his tail. After that I just quit and went to bed.

At this point I see two options, Get XLink Kai working and hunt with humans, or go buy Unite and hunt with cats. Overall I need to increase my technique, as I can no longer solo hunt Teostra, Kushala Daora , or Chameleos...

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