• Ninjaofshadow

    hi im ninja, i am an avid Canadian monster hunter tri player, im HR 85 and i own black harvest ( my freaking CHILD... stupid pircers...) im a really good switch axe user (i hope ;) i am a nice person who likes to help people, noob or expert and... um.... im good with web pages, chat boxes and stuffs, i GFX with my photoshop 8, im not perfect, but i make nice things... too bad i have no proof since I needed to totaly wipe my comp... but ya i want to be usefull and i hope people will take me in. im also a mhfu vet who excells in all the weapons of mhfu but especially hunting horns, the suck weapon... lol jk =)

    anyways yea, i hope to be in a coolio clan thanks

    username: Brandon

    North American Server

    My ID is 7YBZY9

    i will be in the recruiting serv…

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