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    A while ago, let's just say I got perhaps a bit too excited about this game. I'm a writer so I decided one day, "Why not write about Monster Hunter?" The end result is actually a sonnet. Don't ask me why I wrote a sonnet about Monster Hunter Tri. I just did. Anyway, without further stalling, I give thee, The Hunter's Sonnet.

    Ah, the beauty of a warm, sunny day.

    With my weapon in hand, I can’t fail.

    Stand aside everyone; I have monsters to slay!

    From ants to things the size of a whale,

    I’ll cut them limb from limb, even their tail.

    Among hunters, that’s an unwritten law:

    Always find a good weak spot to assail.

    From a Gigginox’s massive maw,

    To an Uragaan’s ore-crusted jaw.

    Even a Ceadeus’ huge, heavy horn

    Or an Alatreon’s sharp, brutal claw.

    When I’m d…

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