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    MH4U The Gunner's Guide

    February 26, 2016 by NargaFeeder

    Here is a short practical guide for veterans or wannabe Gunners in MH4U. I noted that ranged weapons were growing popular on Multiplayer mode but i rarely see anyone using it very efficiently apart from veteran hunters. This blog will list a bunch of tips to help people improve their gunning skills or if they just want to beat the game by the ways of ranged weapons. Don't hesitate to add precisions in comments if i forget something.

    Infos are taken from personal experience as well as monster stats from Kiranico.

    One of the most important thing that makes the Gunning world a completely different thing than your old Blademaster instincts is that your weapon has its own personality, like how Hunting Horns and Gunlances each react in a different…

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