Green Nargacuga Artwork

Your screwed Kelbi

Hey Narga99 here! I was just wondering what people's favorite "monster" in the monster hunter games were. One of my all time favorite is the amazing Nargacuga. (Hence my username.) That wyvern is a power house! With its amazing agility and strength, no one can touch it (jkjk Nargacuga is a push over once you learned all his moves)! Its a freaking panther with wings and a long spikey tail. Who could wish for a better pet with a sick roar. Its subspecies are amazing also! One can turn COMPLETELY invisible. (Not like nargacuga is hard enough dodging with your eyes.) It makes Chemeleous (wrong spelling) look like a punk. Anyways, I like to know your favorite wyvern or what ever you like to call it. The animals in monster hunter are just to amazing, its really hard to just have one! Please share with me some stories or explainations of why your favorite "monster" is your favorite.

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