aka Anthony Baumann

  • I live in Ontario, Ohio
  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is A Student
  • I am A Male
  • Narga99

    Goodbye Monster Hunter

    July 27, 2013 by Narga99

    I am sad to say that while playing mh3u, my 3ds randomly shut off and it wasn't because of the battery becasue it was on the charger. I could not fix the problem and I even disassembled the 3ds and still couldn't find it. I was really enjoying mh3u and just got to 3-star quests. It will be awhile before I get another one. It use to when I turned it on that it would go one for a second and then shut off with a "pop." Now it won't even turn on. If someone knows a solution to this problem please tell me. Nintendo has not responed to my plea. =(

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  • Narga99

    3ds help

    July 26, 2013 by Narga99

    I recently bought a 3ds and it was working fine. The other day I was playing mh3u on it and it randomly shuts off. I thought it was out of battery so I plug it in. The orange light came on indicating it was charging. So I pressed the power buttton to continue playing except the 3ds won't stay on. It is charging but, It stays red and It doesn't even make it to the home menu. Please help!

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  • Narga99

    Low Rank DS Set

    July 24, 2013 by Narga99

    I've have been wondering what armor I should get in MH3U. I've been looking at G. Wroggi armor because of it's razor sharp. It's that or barroth armor because of its attack and defense up. If I can gem barroth up to speed sharpening I will go with it and if not, I'll go with G. Wroggi. If there is another armor set around where I'm at with better skills, please tell me. Also please do not tell me that dual swords are too weak, hard, etc. Thanks

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  • Narga99


    July 23, 2013 by Narga99

    I just a 3ds, mh3u, and a CPP! I'm so excited to start playing another version of monster hunter with new weapons and new monsters. Since I'm new, can you guys give me some tips and pointers like what I should get or what armor should I make. I going to try dual swords this game since I never did before. Great Wroggi armor looks nice...

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  • Narga99

    mh3u online?

    July 18, 2013 by Narga99

    I'm thinking of getting a 3ds and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I want to play online but, I read that you need to play with a Wii U to go online. I'm just wondering if you need to be close to the Wii U to join or can a random person with a Wii U host a room and 3 random people that have a 3ds can join like in Monster Hunter Tri? Also I heard a rumor that in Japan you don't need a Wii U to go online and that might come to the U.S. That would be awesome. I just might wait and get Monster Hunter 4 which you can go online with a 3ds. Someone please answer my questions and also give me additional information about online play. Thanks.

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