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I am now HR 52.

I beat a dire miralis but not this...and a alatreon for the village is harder...

I have Zinogre X FULL set with 20+ dragon res gemmed in.

I have many weapons like

GS=Myxo Demolisher,Brimstren Drakepride.The Depothisis,Lordly Deathcap,Epitath Eternal.

LS=Truest Sunderer,Yan Yue Dao,Deepest Night or Virnar Saber,Premium Hairblade,Barbarian "Sharq",Wyvern Blade "Blaze",Pyro Demolisher

DB=Guild Knight Sabers,Enduring Shism,Spectral Demolishers,Brimstren Drakeclaws

HMR,Grongigas,Meteoric Core

Bow=Great Kelbi Deershot

LBG=Gods Archiepelago

Lance=Allbrach Demolisher

  • I know how to use GS,LS and DBs the best,though i can try something new.(Im thinking about using light blowguns or heavy...)

Should i get a new armor set or weapon?

I can learn how to use something good if you want... 

Dober X gunner set for LBG(Ancientshard LBG)

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