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the secret to succesful hunts

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so while i was hunting the lagiacarus i had this problem where getting hit or fainting would cause me to scream at the tv. i did this every time in a hunt and i failed or abandoned everytime. but then one day i had this idea. if staying in a bad mood whilst hunting(i said whilst!)screws u over, then a good mood and confidence is what it takes to make the monsters face implode. and it worked! everytime i got hit id say good one. everytime i fainted i smile and say know its on. i now this makes me sound like an ubernerd but really!!! a possitive attitude while hunting keeps u from being distracted and stay more focused on the kill (or capture) and therefore makes u more aware of whats about to happen!!! of course this doesent meen u just go out in some leather armor and hug the beast! get a good weapon, some good armor, and a good attitude!

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