I haven't blogged in a long while, but my hunter career is moving along nicely. I finished up the two star quests by finally killing the damn

Khezu after about 5 days and 16 attempts. Made myself Kut-Ku armour. Killing that Kut-Ku is starting to be like swatting a fly, and it's

getting rather fun to me after the 4th or so time. I still have Battle Greaves and Helm, bacause Kut-Ku armour isn't a full set, so I'm

planning on getting Genprey substitutes to replace my old Battle gear. I really want to upgrade my Great Bone Gunlance, but I

need more materials. I have the Burst Arrowana, need the Large Monster Bone, and will get the Giant Bone soon. Planning on getting

Lg Bones from Daimyo Hermataur, since I recently unlocked his quest after the Khezu Urgent. Giant Bones will be from Bulldromes, when I get

around to killing him a bajillion times. I still need to do "Gone Fishing", but the peddler lady isn't carrying the Snakebee Larvae I need. Meh, I'll do it

later. Anyway, happy hunting people.

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