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    i wanted to do this just for fun


    Dusk and dirt filled the air of the SNOWING MOUNTAINS AND THE TUNDRA A HURRICANE APPEARS then something came out a BLOODY TIGREX AND GIGGINOX AND KHEZU then the hunter walked up to see a barioth bloody to on a cliff it was a massacer then the LEGENDAIRY POPO DROME COMES OUT OF KNOWWERE WERE A GREAT BAGGI WAS RUNNING AWAY SO WAS IT BAGGIS

    back in the year 20,000 bc (before cephalos) a monster used to roam the land the smartest wyverian said the popodrome was real but there was no proof its still alive till now we founed the greatest evidence that can solve this mysterey if you find the popo drome you will earn 100,000,000,000 z

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  • Monsterkiller

    this is a blog post that test how big of a fan you really are like myself ill give you an example.When i go to sleep I always dream of monster hunter and im a huge fan so much im on it right now at school im suppose to be doing my work but i couldnt resist if you are a huge fan you might get a Uraggan Pie from Ura himself but first let me hunt one down

    winner for the pie goes to RAPTORHUNTER6 now we go to Alateron chilidogs :D also visit the wyverian pub the argosy captain saId hub buts it pub

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