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New Clan -Insert AWESOME Name Here-

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Did someone say Clan?... The point of this Blog is, I have recently gotten Online for MH3 (I know wat you're thinking, why am I only just getting it now?) and I wanted to make a Clan...

  • Little details... My Hunters name is Jacob and My Weapon of Choice is pretty much everything, but generally I use Greatsword, Longsword and Hammer. I consider myself to be quite a good Hunter although i'm not a Legend by a Long shot. I will not be a douchebag unless you are one first and anything that might appear to be Major Douchebagerry I assure would be non-intentional. . Oh yer and I am quite experinced as I finished the first MH Offline (with all Armour, Weapons and all Quests done) and am HR9 on MHFU and also have completed all quests and acquired most Offline armour sets in MH3. Also I'm still getting used to playing with other people, so I might accidently upswing you, and I am sorry if I do...
  • Oh yer I probably should hav mentioned this earlier, I live in Australia... So whatever server Aussies are put on is what server I'll be on...
  • My name is Jacob and my ID is PR664G

So yer thats about it, just comment if your interested, oh yer and the name is widely open for discussion...

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