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This sounded enjoyable, so I thought I would go ahead and do it. Alrite what I'm gonna do is write 10 questions down and you guys can answer them and when I see fit, I will write down the correct answers and you can see if you were right... I will change the questions every now and then so you can answer all kinds of questions... :D Also try to answer them off the top of your head, and without going to another Page, Please...

Note: Answers will be placed Here:

  • 1) How many times do you have to flinch a Barioth via its Tail before you can Sever it?
  • 2) How can you tell that a Daimyo or a Shogun is close to death?
  • 3) Why is Lao Dieing close to the Fort often a problem for Hunters?
  • 4) What is the Flagship monster for the Monster Hunter 2: Dos?
  • 5) What was the only Completely new Monster in Monster Hunter Freedom, Not including Colour Changes?
  • 6) What is a Barroths Weak Point from Cutting Weapons?
  • 7) Why is a Silver Rathalos/Gold Rathians Roar different to that of their weaker Subspecies?
  • 8) What parts of a Lagiacrus are Breakable/Severable?
  • 9) Why do Cephadrome and Plesioth annoy most people?
  • 10) What was the biggest difference in Monster Hunter 3: Tri, That wasn't in any of the other games?
  • 11) In Monster Hunter 3: Tri, there was a lack of something that most people were disappointed in, what was it?
  • 12) What colours are the Rathian and Rathalos Subspecies?
  • 13) True or False: In MH3, to unlock the Gobul Helmet, you must first achieve a Gobul Whisker?
  • 14) In MHFU, What is the Name of the Quest that Hunters first verse an Akantor?
  • 15) In the 1 Star MHFU Quest, Sinking Feeling, what is the Massive Danger within the Level?
  • 16) Name the 6 Dromes that featured within MHFU.
  • 17) What are the 4 Bird Wyverns in MHFU?, ones that can actually fly, not including colour changes?
  • 18) What does a Gravios/Basarios diet consist of?
  • 19) What is the explanation for The DevilBlos (One Horned Diablos)'s increased Strength, Health, and One Horn?
  • 20) Apart from Colour and Size, name 3 differences between the Congalala and the Emerald Congalala.
  • 21) How does the Lao Shan Lung (Normal, not Azure), get its Red Tint?
  • 22) What were the first 3 Confirmed Monsters in Monster Hunter Freedom 3?
  • 23) Name the 4 Monsters (2 Boss, 2 Minions) that feature in the new Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker game.
  • 24) What is the name of the Felyne Elder that supplies High Rank Quests in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?
  • 25) Name the 8 Psuedo-Wyverns in the Monster Hunter Universe, including Frontier Exclusives..
  • 26) What are the only 2 Minions that are classified as "Flying Wyverns"?
  • 27) What causes the Red Markings on Nargacuga, Tigrex and Akantor when they go into Rage Mode?
  • 28) 1+1=2, 2+2=4, Monoblos+Diablos=?
  • 29) What Colour is a Cephalos/Cephadrome's Skin?
  • 30) What does Thunderblight do?
  • 31) In what places can you find Giaprey?
  • 32) Name 5 Boss Monsters that are fought at the Tower.
  • 33) What is wrong with the Monster Skulls that are on the backs of all of the Carapaceons?
  • 34) Why are Wyverians called Wyverians, where does the name come from?
  • 35) What is the name of the Offline Village and the Online City in Monster Hunter 3: Tri?
  • 36) What kind of monster is ChaCha?
  • 37) Other than size, What common difference is there between 'Preys and their leaders, 'Dromes, that shows that they are the leaders?
  • 38) What are 2 Elder Dragons that don't resemble Dragons?
  • 39) Apart from Colour what is the main Physical difference between a Fatalis and a Crimson Fatalis?
  • 40) Apart from Colour what are the main Physical differences between a Fatalis and a White Fatalis?
  • 41) Including Colour Changes, How many Confirmed Pelagus Monsters are in the Monster Hunter Universe?
  • 42) What are the Names of the 2 Scorpion-Like Carapaceons that are Exclusive the Monster Hunter Frontier?
  • 43) Which is the Smallest Piscine Wyvern?
  • 44) Where does the New Frontier Exclusive Wyvern, Doragyurosu, Live?
  • 45) Which monsters were the Great Jaggi, Qurupeco, and Rhenoplos, meant to replace, in MH3?
  • 46) What monster is seen Hanging upside down in the Village Square, in MH3?
  • 47) What is the Basarios' relation with the Gravios?
  • 48) True or False?; In the Original Monster Hunter, you could Trip The Lao Shan Lung over.
  • 49) How Many Hunters can verse a Raviente at one time, both Playable and Non-Playable?
  • 50) What 3 Monsters can Inflict a Hunter with Dragonblight in MH3?
  • 51) What species of Monster is Jinouga?
  • 52) True or False? Lagiacrus will be returning in MHP3 along with a Red Subspecies?
  • 53) Name 3 Monsters that can peform the "Flash" attack.
  • 54) Name 4 New monsters (Including Subspecies) that will be appearing in the Sandy Plains in MHP3
  • 55) What is the name of the New Brute Wyvern in the Mountain Stream (Correct Spelling)?
  • 56) Name the Six monsters that are in the Background on every Wiki Page.
  • 57) What 2 Weapons have the highest Damage Per hit Ratio?
  • 58) The name of the New-ish Area that Erupe, Berukku and Gurenzeburu live in
  • 59) What is Kirins' mane Nickname? (Hehe Mane, get it?)
  • 60) True or False? All Carapeceons resemble Crabs?

Enjoy! And Happy Hunting!! :D

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