• Monster Masher

    Glacial Agnaktor

    December 8, 2010 by Monster Masher

    Its arrived, everyones been waiting for it, Ice Agnaktor, and it seems pretty awesome...

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  • Monster Masher

    Steel Uragaan

    December 4, 2010 by Monster Masher

    Once again, a New Subspecies, Black, "Metallic" Uragaan with a Crimson Chin. Discuss...

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  • Monster Masher

    Gigginox Subspecies

    December 4, 2010 by Monster Masher

    Yet another Subspecies makes its way onto the wiki. Discuss! At once...

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  • Monster Masher

    Well I bet everyone has thought about awesome game collabs to do with Monster Hunter, and this page is here so you can share these Ideas. Here are ones I have thought of:

    (Note: I made pictures for each but it doesn't upload them for some reason...)

    Well I would think that alot of people have thought of this collab before, because it would be cool. the collab could work like this:

    • Dual Swords: Blades of Chaos/Athena/Exile
    • Greatsword: Blade of Olympus, Blade of Artemis
    • Hammer: Barbarian Hammer
    • Lance: Arms of Sparta
    • Bow: Typhons Bane, Bow of Apollo
    • Longsword: Gravediggers' Shovel
    • Armour: God Armour (High Defense, Poor Skills), Normal Kratos (Poor Defense, Great Skills), and Legionnaire Armour (Mid Defense, Good Skills)
    • Quest(s): An Event quest where y…

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  • Monster Masher

    So Far Away...

    October 9, 2010 by Monster Masher

    Ok this is a R4ND0M MH3 BL09 for R4ND0M MH3 FUN... We all know that, when weak, monsters retreat to their nest and The other day whilst soloing a Lagiacrus, and I managed to kill it on the Beach of Area 10, D. Island, and I thought to myself, wow that's actually quite a distance form its nest, so I though I would make up this blog, I would like you to tell me the furthest you have ever bested a monster from its nesting place...

    The following is for those who may be unaware of Monsters nests, here they are:

    (Note: Jhen Mohran, Ceadeus and Alatreon are not featured due to the fact that they can only be killed in one area, Deviljho's nest isn't in all places due to the fact that I don't know its nest, feel free to share this information :D)

    • Grea…

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