Hi! This is my first blog post on this website. I hope that this website will give me all the info i need on monster hunter. For starters, I am best with the lance, hammer, and growing on the longsword, and currently (as I only play Monster Hunter Tri, but have considerable experience with past games) I think that Deviljho is the most annoying monster. I am only HR32 currently, and he won't stop extending my hunts by bursting in on them. It annoys me more than Rathalos's unending flying. I also am currently using full Lagiacrus armor, with my best weapons as follows:

Great Sword:none

SnS: the Barioth one +

Hammer: Fang Hammer "Echo"

Red Bludgeon

Lance: Acrus Lance


the great baggi one +

the Barioth one +

Long Sword: Wyvern Blade "Fire"

Barbarian Blade

Guan Dao

That will be it for now!

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