• Monkey D. Fan

    Award list help

    December 18, 2010 by Monkey D. Fan

    Hello, i need a little help, on MHFU i have 4 fully upgraded weapons of each type, but i don't get the hammer reward... I have a theory but i'm not sure: Do weapons with G at the end of the name also count? Because they aren't really upgraded... If someone could help me that would be great cuz i really wanna finish MHFU 100% before mhp3 comes, i know it won't be soon but still... :D

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  • Monkey D. Fan

    Does anyone knows if the guild card is coming back with MHP3? I hope it does, it was so cool :)

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  • Monkey D. Fan

    Favourite monster?

    November 19, 2010 by Monkey D. Fan

    What's your fav top 3 monsters?
    and if you could invent a new one, how would it be?

    Be creative :D

    If i would invent one, it would be a big wyvern Ukanlos/Akanor alike, with Poison element, it would probably be green, with three big horns on top of his head... :)

    My Top 3:

    1. Tigrex

    **Sorry if there is a special section for this sort of things, didn't find anything....**

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