• Mhfreak

    Good Tigrex day

    January 4, 2010 by Mhfreak

    I was a good hunter , the village cheif  had high hopes for me . It was fast and i wasnt expecting her to ask me but she told told me the Tigrex had apeared . The people of Poke are in danger . I was the only one who could take care of this problem .

    I had all the potions i needed . Some hot drinks got shoved way into the bottom of my bag . When i got into the kitchen all of my chefs suprised me with the most greasy , discustingly tasty well-done steak I had ever seen . They wished me good luck then I set off.

    Crud!   One of my flash bombs already used with no efect . This Tigrex was tough . Its hard glimmering shell was so , so beautiful in the moonlight . But that thought faded away after it almost tore my arm off . I couldnt do this .


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  • Mhfreak

    easy tigrex!

    January 1, 2010 by Mhfreak

    im a hr 3 hunter and all i wanted was the tigrex tooth [long sword] When i beat the tigrex urgent quest i didnt get many tigy shells crap :( i could not kill that thing!!! so i got the idea of going on the lv 1 SINKING FEELING quest and kill the tigrex! Now i have the tigrx tooth :D

    that might be a good thing for people who need tigy materials

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