So one day, I was having a discussion with a fellow Bureaucrat of this Wikia. He was getting sick of what this Wiki has become compared to the days that some certain feature didn't exist yet.

So me and I were talking about disabling the Blog and Blog Comment system in Wikia. Let's see some of our points as Users from the year 2008:

  • Ever since its introduction to Wikia, contributions for the wiki have all been or atleast 80% of the contributions per day were all in this namespace of Blog and Blog comments.
  • Some Users are actually proud and arrogant that they have this numerous number of edits, when they never did contribute anything but blog comments, and even trolling. Never edited on the mainspace (Articles like Rathalos or Tigrex Katana) or contributed an image.
  • Some Wikis survive in activity without having any blogs. And Users actually edit in the wiki.
  • Most of the time we encounter spam, or comments that can cause fights because of Blogs and Blog Comments.
  • Some Users even point out how the things go here are "Users watch and just comment while the Admins and the MH Wiki Staff Team do all the work. This is just ridiculous, as this is a voluntary Wiki and everyone can edit this website.

My initial idea for posting MH news would be using the long-time running forums, and actually getting people to be active there. We almost got rid of fanart here and moved some to MH Fanon Wikia. We can turn this place into a pure-information-based website while the community can strive on the forums.

Well here comes the question to your Users: What are the good and reasonable reasons as to why we aren't going to disable blog and blog comments? So I'd actually take into mind what you Users think. Let the discussion here to saving / removing this feature begin.

Hypocritical huh? I use the system to ask you guys the question. I'm just like that and all that jazz.

Keep this place as a news and information website, but without the blog comments?

The poll was created at 04:01 on December 7, 2011, and so far 75 people voted.

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