As the year 2011 ends, Wikia holds a contest for The Best Wiki of 2011. And so there's a Top ten list for most of the Wikis competing for this title.

Two of the administrators in our team, Lord Loss and Artemis Paradox, went ahead and added our wiki as one of the competitors. With User:Bennyboards informing me of the matter, I decided to announce it to this Wiki.

Currently, our wiki is at #8 with 386 votes. The highest rank our Wiki attained was at #4. Can we aim high enough to get into the top spot?

Here's where you guys come in. You can help us get there by voting for our Wiki, The Monster Hunter Wiki, as one of the Best Wikis of this year.

You can find our entry by doing a search (ctrl + f, then typing "Monster Hunter Wiki"), then clicking the vote button.

Click here to vote!

Happy holidays guys, by the way.

Comments? Opinions? Post below!

A little p.s. guys: Let's atleast, beat the Twilight Saga Wiki... christ, can you stomach being beaten by Twilight? Lmfao..

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