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Wikicode is a type of markup used on Wikia-based sites such as Monster Hunter Wikia and Wikipedia. As an editor of this Wiki, please take time to familiarize with this style before editing on the Monster Hunter Wiki.

Text Formatting

There are a lot of text formatting options available in wikicode. Some of the formats are based on HTML code. Some types of HTML code can be used on The Monster Hunter Wiki, but wikicode is more preferred.

Format Input Output
Bold Three apostrophes ( ' ) This text is bold
'''This text is bold'''
Italic Two apostrophes ( ' ) This text is italicized
''This text is italicized''
Bold and Italic Five apostrophes ( ' ) This text is bold and italicized
'''''This text is bold and italicized'''''
Colored Text Use HTML coding Orange text
<span style="color:#ffA500">
Orange text</span>
Colored Background Use HTML coding Orange background
<span style="background:#ffA500">
Orange background
Colored Text and Background Use HTML coding Orange Text, White Background
<span style="color:#ffA500;
Orange Text, White Background</span>
Section Headings Two, three, four, five, or six equals ( = ) signs Section heading
==Section heading==
Bulletpoints Add more asterisks ( * ) for more bullets
  • Monster
    • Pelagus
      • Congalala
* Monster
** Pelagus
*** Congalala
Indents Add more colons ( : ) for more indents
: Fatalis
:: Alatreon
::: Ceadeus


Linking helps connect different articles together. There are several linking options for Wikia-based sites such as The Monster Hunter Wikia. An editor can also link to websites outside of The Monster Hunter Wikia.

Format Input Output
Linking to Monster Hunter Wikia articles Put the page title inside double square brackets (''' and ''') Felyne
Linking to Monster Hunter Wikia articles with an altered display (Aliased Links) As above, with a pipe ( | ) separating the page title and the display text Cats
Editors can also alter the style with the methods earlier Cats
[[Felyne|<span style="color:#ffffff; 
Adding external links Put the URL inside single square brackets ( [ and ]) MH Wikia
[ MH Wikia]
Calling a Template Put the template name without a prefix inside braces or curly brackets ( {{ and }}) New
Categorize a page Use square brackets ( ''' and ''' ) as if you were linking The category will appear below this guide
[[Category:Blog posts]]
Link to a category Put a colon ( :) and the category title inside double square brackets ( ''' and ''') Category:Blog posts
[[:Category:Blog posts]]
This also works with Images and Files File:2ndGen-Tigrex Render 002.png
[[:File:2ndGen-Tigrex Render 002.png]]
Put an Image on a page Use square brackets ( ''' and ''' ) as if you were linking Tigrex
Resizing Images Add (" |Ypx ") before the ending square brackets ( ]] ) where Y can be any number 2ndGen-Tigrex Render 002
[[File:2ndGen-Tigrex Render 002.png|120px]]
Images direct to an Article when clicked Add (" |link=<name of the article> ") before the ending square brackets ( ]] ) 2ndGen-Tigrex Render 002
[[File:2ndGen-Tigrex Render 002.png|120px|link=Tigrex]]


The Monster Hunter Wikia uses tables to store and present data. All wikicode textformatting can be used in tables. To learn more about table coding, find a page with a table and click "edit" to see what different styles and formats can be used.

Format Input Output
Open a table
Close or end a table
Start a new cell (beside the previous cell)
| Cell 1
| Cell 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Start a new line
| Cell 1
| Cell 2
Cell 1
Cell 2
Create colorful or formatted tables Use style="..." to add different styles to the table or cells in the table.

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Color Palettes

This Wiki uses a pattern of Color Palettes. The colors are:

Color Color Code

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