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Mckrongs October 21, 2011 User blog:Mckrongs

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's flagship Zinogre gets a subspecies on the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 G!

Its title is the "Hell Wolf Wyvern (獄狼竜)".

MH3U-Stygian Zinogre Screenshot 001
MH3G-Jinouga Subspecies
MHP3-Zinogre Render 001
Stygian Zinogre Zinogre

N3DS『モンスターハンター3(トライ)G』 プロモーション映像②03:28

N3DS『モンスターハンター3(トライ)G』 プロモーション映像②

Title MH3G: Second Trailer, featuring Stygian Zinogre
by CapcomChannel

Scans including Stygian Zinogre:

Ohh, and uhh, Ryozo Tsujimoto's answer to mid-life crisis perhaps? Lol:

Comments? Discuss here!

Main Article: Stygian Zinogre.

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