In this next blog section, we're here to tell news about the upcoming game Monster Hunter 3 G. Famitsu magazine has again released a section regarding the latest information in MH3G.

MH3G Truck MH3G Car

These vehicles have been touring across Japan for quite some time now, hosting MH-related events. They are currently hosting tournaments that includes two monsters recently introduced in Monster Hunter 3 G. These are:

Stygian Zinogre

MH3G Scan Nov 13-1

The render for the guy looks monstrous.. for discussion and more information about Stygian Zinogre, check out User blog:Mckrongs/Stygian Zinogre Discussion.

The other monster is a familiar face in the Monster Hunter series. What would a returning monster be without his subspecies counterpart?

That would be...

Green Plesioth

MH3G Scan Nov 16

Yes, Green Plesioth has returned to the game as well. Noted for having almost no difference from Plesioth since the older generations of Monster Hunter games, what could they possibly do to make him different from the already-revamped Plesioth in MH3G? Hope he doesn't turn out like Black Diablos in MHP3rd (still almost no differences >w>;;).


Also, two old events from MHP3rd are returning to the game. These are the quests for Tessaiga, and The Sword of the Three Kings.

MH3G-Collaboration Tessaiga and SotTK

Bearing in mind the return of Yukumo Armor, there are also speculations of the return of Akantor, as the latter sword previously required Akantor materials in MHP3rd.

New It seems that the two weapons from Dengeki Collaborations (Lightning Works and Blitz Works) are returning to Monster Hunter 3 G as well. Apparently, there will also be a third new Quest in conjunction with Dengeki that will offer a new Event weapon. Release dates for the quest are around December 13 to December 22.



Comments? Anything else to include? Comment below!

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