Hey guys! There are new scans of Famitsu Magazine featuring the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 G! Now what do these scans contain..?

The first two scans features Rust Duramboros. Discussions about this monster are to be done here.

The first two pages also feature changes in Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun in the game:

  • Instead of the back hopping and side-hopping in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Light Bowguns can choose to either evade in this game the same way in MHP3rd or by rolling again. It is unknown whether Heavy Bowguns are also affected by this change.
  • WyvernFire Shots (竜撃弾) are returning to this game.
  • For Light Bowguns, reload state is maintained even when changing to another bullet type. The same effect activated by the Autoreload skill.

More abilities for the two weapons are listed in the scan.

The next three scans feature our Shakalala comrades Cha-Cha and Kayanba. The fourth scan features Cha-Cha's masks which were present in Monster Hunter 3. The fifth scan shows Kayanba's masks; one making Kayanba capable of throwing Dung Bombs at monsters, one making Kayanba a whetstone for the hunter's weapon, and the Negating Mask (ウチケシのお面) that can help rid the hunter of their status ailment with a simple pinging.

Very exciting indeed! I myself are looking forward for the magazine to cover the newer subspecies of MH3G. Comments? Post below!


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