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Wiki Improvement Questions:


1.Would you MHWikians like it if the monster info box should show how to pronounce the names of the monsters?

Comment by Vesuvius: Well someone HAS made a pronounciation section on the Monster Infobox Template once (you can check the template's history. it was made by harith hunter but I removed it). I really think such a section isn't needed, as again different people, different pronounciation and such, plus it's kinda silly too to have it.

2.Decided. The list is not needed.

2.1 In addition to that, would a List of Monster Hunter Faults and Discrepancies should be on the wiki as well?
  • I also think that would be useless. But I see no reason NOT to keep the page up. People usually find out what words are censored for themselves by using it initially.

I suppose the censor list could just one of those trivial pages like "here are a few of many Capcom Nibelsnarf ups"

Answered Questions:

Q: Why are some pages protected/Why can't we edit certain pages?

A: Pages have become locked because the amount of vandalism far outweighed any decent user contributions. Give it a few days (or week) and your account will be be past the "New User" status and then you'll be able to edit.

Additional info (from Yamstis): I think it's 10 edits and 4 days registered in order to get autoconfirmed status, 'less it's different from Wikipedia.

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