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Here we go again! Frontier gets an update on February. Welcome to the Forward 3 Discussion Blog.

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MHF『フォワード.3 プロモーションムービー』

Forward .3

Preview Site:

New Monsters

  • Abiorugu is a new monster introduced to Forward .3. This monster is the first and only Brute Wyvern in Monster Hunter Frontier as of yet.

This monster was slowly revealed in an early teaser image.


MHF『フォワード.3 獣竜種 アビオルグ』

  • Taikun Zamuza is a Carapaceon introduced to Forward .3. This monster inhabits a new cavern area in the game.

MHF『フォワード.3 甲殻種タイクンザムザ』

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  • Shizuka - for some of the information and Images

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