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Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 2 and 2011 Anniversary

Mckrongs August 20, 2011 User blog:Mckrongs

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Should we change the titles to decimals? Like .1, .2? I don't know...

Anyways, new preview site is up. This only shows though the new monster, and that basic rasta guy pointing...



MHF『フォワード.2 プロモーションムービー』

Forward .2

Preview Site:


A flying wyvern-like creature is available to hunters as their comrades, helping the players attack monsters. They appear to be highly customizable.

New Monsters

  • Gogomoa is a new monster introduced to Forward .2. The monster shoots web from its wrists and it carries its young.

This monster was slowly revealed as players post screenshots in .

Confirmed HC versions of: Bulldrome, Black Diablos, Blue Yian Kut-Ku, Doragyurosu and Gravios.


MHF『フォワード.2 特異個体"ドラギュロス"』


MHF『フォワード.2 特異個体"ディアブロス亜種"』

HC Doragyurosu
HC Black Diablos

MHF『フォワード.2 特異個体"イャンクック亜種"』


MHF『フォワード.2 特異個体"ドスファンゴ"』

HC Blue Yian Kut-Ku
HC Bulldrome

MHF『フォワード.2 特異個体"グラビモス"』

HC Gravios

Darkstalkers x MHF

Vampire Hunter - Darkstalkers' Revenge X MHFO

Monster Hunter Frontier also gets Darkstalkers-related Equipment as premium kits. This includes an Armor set for males fashioned after Demitri Maximoff. For females, they are fashioned after Morrigan Aensland. There is also a Great Sword fashioned from Donovan Baine's Sword, and a Dual Sword fashioned to Hsien-Ko's claws.



More Info:

4th Anniversary

Preview Site:

7: White Espinas Figure

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