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Hm, from A Wikia Contributor (who was actually User:PicantePants), we have received a link for Monster Hunter Frontier's latest update: Season Forward 1, which was announced weeks ago.



MHF『フォワード.1 プロモーションムービー』

New Monsters

  • The flagship monster for Season Forward 1 is a new Elder Dragon called Rukodiora.


MHF『フォワード.1 襲来、双極の脅威』


MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 クシャルダオラ』


MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 フルフル亜種』

HC Kushala Daora
HC Red Khezu

MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 ヒプノック繁殖期』

HC Breeding Season Hypnocatrice


  • Rukodiora Blademaster
  • Rukodiora Gunner

Images for this section coming soon.


  • The Area also seemed to have a new type of Dragonator, as seen in the Trailer.
  • The Area also features Ballista and Cannon areas.
  • There also seems to be a contraption for traveling to other areas of the base.
  • Changes in old Areas. Seems to be that weather will now be implemented.


  • The duck that appears at the end of the trailer... a new pet introduced in Forward 1 similar to Poogie.
  • It apparently has its own pond.

Updates History

Forward 1 was now released.
Sections for HC Kushala Daora, Red Khezu, and Breeding Season Hypnocatrice Released.
Weapons section released. Weapon Image renders in this blog post coming soon.
Unknown section of the preview website released.
More information about Interceptor's Base.
More Information about Mezeporuta square
New Move Video for Rukodiora
Images for Violent Laviente
HC Monsters Kamu Orugaron, Nono Orugaron and Pink Rathian Videos released
New Armor sets introduced, including Rukodiora's.
More information about Duck
Armor Stats on Goushu Kirin Armor
More Information about the modifications in old Areas
New Monsters, Rukodiora and Violent Laviente
New HC Monsters introduced
New Area
Information about Mezeporuta square
Modifications in old Areas
Goushu Kirin Armor introduced


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