Hello there. As with the other Quests here at the Monster Hunter Wiki at the Quest Board, this blog is made for certain Users with access to the game Monster Hunter 3 G to discuss the improvement of this section in this Wiki.

There are no posting restrictions, so everyone is free to post here.

Current Issues

Contents for the Wiki

A few days before Tri G. Time to make the standard menu for it.

So we all know that this will have:


A little FYI: Disambiguation means:

>me types Leather Armor on the searchbar. >Wiki asks "Did you mean:

  • The Armor from MH3?
  • The Armor from MHP3?
  • You mom's armor?

So, if it were on the Cha-Cha, it would be like "Which guide for cha-cha?

  • Guide for MH3?
  • Guide for MH3G?

And then Kayanba's article would automatically redirect to the Comrade guide.

I really think that Kayanba and Cha-Cha would act similar to the game, and they have a dance move that requires the both of them.

New stuff

Template:MH3G Menu. I did this a while ago. Just to get it going :P

Weapon Images and Trees


Feel free to tell me more Issues

Users with the Game

Any User with this game can post below and I will add you to the list.

Note: I am not requiring everyone to participate; all the help we can get is fine. Nothing mandatory and all. ;x

Reliable Sources

Most of our Tri G content so far are in Category:MH3G Database

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