Just listing here my priorities in the Wiki, in order of importance.

  1. Make new format templates for individual weapon pages: MHFU GS - Done!, LS - Done!, SnS - Done!, DS - Done!, H -Done!, HH, L - Done!, GL, LBG, HBG, B
  2. Fix every Individual Weapons in MHFU from Great Sword up to Bow. -Great Swords are done.
  3. Fix every Weapon Tree for MHFU.
  4. Fix every Equipment pages.
  5. Fix every Weapon Tree for MHP3.
  6. Make Templates for MHP3 Individual Weapons.
  7. Fix every Individual Armor Pages of MHFU.
  8. Make and fix Armor Pages for MHP3.
  9. Look for Frontier Editors
  10. Install Korean MHFO to help out with information and pictures.
  11. Fix every Monster Pages.
  12. Delete every irrelevant/unimportant/duplicate/junk files in the wiki.
  13. Improve the MHWikia Community.
  14. Promote Fan-Arts/Fanfics for members.

See what's in the very bottom? You guys'll have to wait until things are organized.... with my speed, I guess doing all these alone would take me around 2-3 years XDD

Current Problems to Tackle:

  • Bohdaker has left us with a sheer amount of clusterfuck for the Frontier section of the wiki. It is up to me and Red to fix these all up (atleast the Korean Frontier), while for me to be finding a sponsor for Japanese Frontier. =w=
  • Wikia has still damaged some of our pages and broke some of the trees. Until a wider space is provided, I have to find a way to make tables look nicer on a 640px space.
  • The amount of fanfics, clan pages, and fanarts overweigh any canon information given to the wiki. While this is already being handled, the operation is codenamed "FArcaster NOt workiNg wtf".
  • Only one format must be enforced in the wiki, and it is my job to enforce them.

Good luck to me...

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