Event begins on December 31st and ends on January 31st

Welcome to the New Year Event's Discussion Blog. On this particular blog, you are able to have your opinion on the competitor's work/s, ask for opinions about your own work if you're competing, or you can discuss about the event itself. Please note that you cannot use this blog to say that you are participating, please use the Main Event Blog to do that so that admins are able to keep track of everyone.

Rules for this EVENT (Strictly Enforced)

  • The byte-size and dimension of your work is STRICTLY ENFORCED, failure to follow will not allow you to compete.
    • The Dimension of your wallpaper must be 1700 by 885, and not over 300kb. Only JPEG is allowed for the wallpaper.
    • The Dimension of your Logo must be 250 by 65, and not over 60kb. Only PNG is allowed for the Logo.
    • The Dimension of your Fav-icon (the little icon in your tab) must be 16 by 16.
  • You are allowed to use any of the wiki's existing icons/logos/pictures to be used along with your work.
  • It is forbidden to go around the wiki and promote your own work (like a lousy salesmen).
  • Competitors are allowed to go to the chatroom and/or the Event Discussion and asks for opinion about your own work, but please be mindful that you can't expect for everyone to agree with you and your work, and thus resulting in a flame war due to disagreement.
  • Fellow competitors are allowed to give opinions about each other's work, but again, be mindful not to start a flame war due to disagreement.
  • If you have made something similar in the past before and want to use your past work, then feel free to use one of your past work as long as they meet the requirements IE. The dimensions and etc are correct to participate in this event.
  • Staffs/admins are allowed to participate, but they will not be able to participate in the Staff & Admin voting.


  • You are NOT ALLOWED to purposely insult other people's work. Friendly opinions are allowed, be it about the good or the bad, but if any forms of insults, bashing or anything of the sort are seen, then your comment will be deleted and you will be banned accordingly.
    • Those participating are also be able to be banned, and if they are banned then they will no longer be able to participate in the event.

List of People Partcipating

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