Hello, I made this blog for users to talk about the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd section of the wiki. I am aware that there are other blogs like this, but I have made this so I can assess which are currently done and what are not done yet.

So far, things are listed in Gene's Quest Board.

I also have my own objectives, but I will post here my specific objectives for Portable 3rd. Please help out if you can.

  • Every MHP3rd-related weapon should have "MHP3:" at the beginning of the title, and should have the Category:Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as a category.
  • As like Bobofango's design for the MH3 Section of the wiki, I'd like Weapon Trees to have their List, Detailed View, and Weapon Controls.
  • So far, I want MHP3rd: Gunlance Controls to be the main basis for Weapon Controls pages. We will remove every controls on the main weapon pages, so they wouldn't look clustered. This means I will also make separate control pages for other games.
  • If the weapon trees for Portable 3rd are complete, we shall make individual weapon pages for Event Weapons only. We shall make individual weapon pages for every weapon once I am done with the individual weapons in Freedom Unite.
  • The Coliseum should be easy, it should look like This page.

Will put more objectives as soon as I think of what's missing. Please comment below with your suggestions and opinions. Thank you. --  Mckrongs   Talk    Blog    Contribs    ouo   10:39,2/3/2011 

10:39, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

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