It's really awesome how some weapons from Anime Shows and Mangas makes its way into the Monster Hunter Franchise. I still can't forget how -Conspiracytheory-Capcom made a combobreaker to name Jhen Mohran's Armors to Hinata in the US/EU Versions of MH3, instead of Hyuuga(It's named Hyuuga in Japanese MH3), as opposed to the four ancient battleships of Japan(Yamato, Mutsu, Amagi, Hyuuga). Must've been a certain Anime reference, hahahaha! Capcom must've known I also exist!!! I know you're keeping an eye guys, I love you!!! XDD-Endofconspiracytheory-

So, while browsing the net for some MHP3rd trivias and goodies, I've come across some neat information.


Besides Inu-Yasha's Tessaiga, and Negima's Hama No Tsurugi, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is also getting Equipment from the manga "Yaiba". The mangaka of this manga is Gosho Aoyama, who also happens to be the creator of Detective Conan(probably why our Felyne Comrades also have Detective Conan Outfits <3). From what I've read, It will be a Long Sword for the hunter, a chest piece armor and a slash weapon for your Felyne Comrades.

And some mini Trivias about past weapons from Tri, the Brainfox and Lightning Works.

  • The magazine Famitsu is published by Enterbrain in Japan, and their mascot logo is a fox.
  • Lightning Works is the weapon for MH's collaboration with Dengeki, A magazine published by ASCII Media Works. "Dengeki" also means "Lightning Attack".

It might be old news to some but hey, I find it cool. ouo

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