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Frontier Explorations: Day 1

Mckrongs April 16, 2011 User blog:Mckrongs

Today, I have installed Frontier, and got to play it.

Firstly, was an introduction to the controls. Some Felyne in Blackbelt armor guides me to the controls, which I find difficult. It includes mouseclicking and directions and stuff. So first was a Velociprey quest.


I assure you it went well.

After the hunt, Here are my first remarks about Frontier:

Where is armor customizing area, where is weapon, i hate sns, how do i switch to gunlance, how u warp, how u chat, how do i shot web

And so I have absolutely no idea how to play. The controls are difficult on a keyboard, and all Akito nags about is for me to get a game pad.

Akito then drags me to an HR1 quest: A Berukyurosu. At first I was ignoring him, as something caught my eyes in the instant I warped to Akito's area:


So Beru hunt starts. It's in the Arena that was introduced in Season 10.0. As I have no idea how the attack and dodge controls go, I started running off like a complete leeching nub while his Rasta tries to kill the Beru:


With one swing from Akito's weapon, the Beru died instantly. The carves were only potions though.

So I get to join Minegarde's TailWhip Guild. I've meet Smasher587 and Shizuka from Minegarde. The rest was pretty much me being a complete nub asking how things work in Frontier. ;x

(Continue to Day 1.5?)

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