Hey Hunters, Mckrongs here!

If our Users and Visitors alike have been following the Monster Hunter Wikia this past month, I was wondering if they can remember our previous discussions regarding our collaboration with the Monster Hunter communities on Facebook? (Found on Threads 214618, 215882, 217752, 217753 and 219438)

Well, this just happened:


This is the front page of Capcom-Unity, one of Capcom's Official Websites. You know that you've done something right when a great collaboration you participated in makes it to the front page of an official site. Capcom-Unity has made a Blog Post about our big project on the Official Capcom Blog. This took some ups and downs to get there, and while it has little to no effect on internal decisions for the series it gives us that great feeling of accomplishment to have a shot at inspiring Hunters all around the world to a greater extent outside the reaches of the Wiki and on Facebook.

This would have not been possible if it not for the participation of our Users from this Wiki, and also to RampagingTigrex that have started the collaboration, along with the brains and planning from the Facebook Group "Le Guild Hall" Administrators Kogath, Deviljho, myself, and to all our Le Guild Hall members that have planned, collaborated, and participated with us on the project.

I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. In the world of Monster Hunter, we're not alone.

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