As we all know, Japan is facing a major crisis up till today. Reports say that the death moll may top 10,000 people due to this disaster.

Lately, rumors have been spreading that the Creators of certain Animes, Mangas, or Video Games in Japan have passed away due to the recent disaster that came upon them, an 8.9(Now 9.0) Magnitude Earthquake followed by a tsunami known as the 2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami.

To lessen our worries though, most of these rumors are entirely false, as most of them are already safe and sound, and has upated their personal websites about their current status. Ofcourse, Capcom's Staff in Japan are alive and well, as announced by our friend from the official Capcom-Unity, Snow.

Please continue to pray for their safety and continue to support by donating to organizations like Red Cross.

As a plus, here is a list of confirmed alive Japanese Anime/Manga/Video Game Creators/Voice Actors/Companies, provided by Anime News Network. (I am very happy that Masashi Kishimoto is still alive. <3)

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