This is a collection of interesting trivia I've gathered from playing Monster Hunter 3 and wagtching videos.

  • The theme of the Level Three Guest House in MH3 has a bit in the middle that has the overall sound, rhyme, and tune of the Monster Hunter Main Theme.
  • The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princesse's Argorok bears a striking resemblance to Fatalis, save for the upper legs.
  • Qurupeco is seemingly based off of a duck and frigate bird.
  • When inserted in Google Translate, Rathalos appears as French--and it's Italian equivalent is Agnaktor. So Agnaktor is the french to Italian word for Rathalos.
  • The Wyverian Artisan wears a glove that appears to be made of some sort of green skin.
  • Barioth is based off of a Sabertoothed Cat.
  • Alatreon's name means "Wing" (ala) in Latin. "Treon" Could possibly be a reference to something, though I have yet to come up with a viable conclusion.
  • Ceadeus's name means God (Deus) In Greek or Latin, iirc. It also may mean Sea God. ~Democide
  • Jhen Mohran's name is the only Elder Dragon name without some sort of meaning in MH3.
  • Diablos' name means "Two Horned" and "Devil". ~Democide
  • Wyvern is the old english word for Dragon.
  • Agnaktor's name could possibly be a reference to Akantor.
  • The themes of Loc Lac and Moga Village each have small parts which are remixes of The Song of Life (Ceadeus'es Theme) ~Cottonmouth255
  • There is Hylian text that translates into nothing when translated to english in Loc Lac.\
  • Deviljho's name is different in the the west and Europe, in Germany anyway.. Example: Dämonjho in German. ~Democide

That would be all! Thanks!

If you have any more, post them! XD

CeadeusSlayer 00:52, November 10, 2012 (UTC)

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