There are some new attacks to old favorites in the weapon category. Here they are:

Long Sword: Extra Spirit Combo Move and side Jump-Slash (not sure what it's really called)

Great Sword: New Charge Attack and Great Sword Slap

Lance: Shield Bash, Slash Attack, And Charge/Counter Stab

Hammer: Upswing and Better Ability to Link Attacks

Sword And Shield: Shield Bash With KO Damage and final Side Swipe and Up Swipe

Bowgun: New Ammo types including Wyvern Fire And Underwater Shots.

I really liked some of these new moves especially the lance ones. I never really pictured myself ever using a lance until I started using it in tri. I always thought that lances sucked in the other games (No offence if you like lances) because they were too slow and only three attacks made it a Sort of "Dull" weapon I would call it.

The new combo ability for the hammer is brilliant. You can go from a triple pound directly into a charge attack and super pound the hell out of a monster.

The Great Sword Slap is sort of pointless unless you are really determined on KOing a monster but that's my opinion.

The new Sword and Shield moves are pretty nice. They let you get in another two quick hits and get out before the monster gets a chance to attack you due to the fact that Sword And Shields are very quick.

The Long Sword moves are great for Evading those attacks that always get you if you're standing infront of a monster.

What are your Likes/Dislikes about the new moves?

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