• MasterLongSword

    Experimenting with Table for the final project.

    Ingredient 1, Ingredient 2, Effect
    Twinshroom Chunky Rice -25 Stamina
    Twinshroom Pumpkin Defense +10
    Twinshroom Tough Meat +25 Stamina Read more >
  • MasterLongSword

    Help with editing.

    September 19, 2010 by MasterLongSword

    Does anyone know how to add pictures to your channel? This might seem stupid but I really don't know how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • MasterLongSword

     There are some new attacks to old favorites in the weapon category. Here they are:

     Long Sword: Extra Spirit Combo Move and side Jump-Slash (not sure what it's really called)

     Great Sword: New Charge Attack and Great Sword Slap

     Lance: Shield Bash, Slash Attack, And Charge/Counter Stab

     Hammer: Upswing and Better Ability to Link Attacks

     Sword And Shield: Shield Bash With KO Damage and final Side Swipe and Up Swipe

     Bowgun: New Ammo types including Wyvern Fire And Underwater Shots.

     I really liked some of these new moves especially the lance ones. I never really pictured myself ever using a lance until I started using it in tri. I always thought that lances sucked in the other games (No offence if you like lances) because they were too slow and…

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  • MasterLongSword

    Ok so Monster Hunter 3 doesn't have any subspecies. I was doing a little questioning online and about 50% of the people were Ok with there not being any subspecies. I thought it would be really cool to see some new monsters. What do you think about the lack of subspecies?

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  • MasterLongSword

    Do you think that Capcom should make another Monster Hunter game on the Wii? Or should they change over to the PS3 or any other console?

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