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Mars Frog February 24, 2010 User blog:Mars Frog


From IGN @ at the Nintendo Media Summit: "Monster Hunter Tri will be bundled with the new classic controller pro in America. The controller is on display at the event. Nintendo also announces: Monster Hunter Tri will offer free online play in North America. "We can confirm that compatibility with the WiiSpeak accessory will be enabled with the release." And finally, Nintendo announces a partnership with GameStop to release an exclusive demo disc of the game to the retailer on March 8."



Ahem... Wonderful news indeed... Glad Capcom decided to make Tri's online free - a wise decision on their part as that will help it appeal to more players. Anyone interested in that demo disc? I'll be glad to pick that up so I can finally have a chance to get a feel for the game. The bundle pack will be available on April 20th, mark your calendars!

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