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    Hey fellow hunters,

    Back a month or two ago, Sony released a new system patch for the PS3... and it did something pretty terrible - it made Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD lock up like crazy. Seriously, I can't play the game at all now, not since that damn patch was installed, and it appears to ONLY affect MHP3rd HD, no other games. WTF Sony! Just what do you have against Monster Hunter!?

    Well, anyway... Siliconera actually had an article about this around the time it happened, and they mentioned that Sony of Japan were working on a way to fix this patch... but I haven't heard any more news about it since then.

    If anyone has heard anything more, I'd appreciate some feedback. I really want to know if the fix to this BS patch will be released st…

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  • Mars Frog

    Awesome news for MH3

    February 24, 2010 by Mars Frog


    From IGN @ at the Nintendo Media Summit: "Monster Hunter Tri will be bundled with the new classic controller pro in America. The controller is on display at the event. Nintendo also announces: Monster Hunter Tri will offer free online play in North America. "We can confirm that compatibility with the WiiSpeak accessory will be enabled with the release." And finally, Nintendo announces a partnership with GameStop to release an exclusive demo disc of the game to the retailer on March 8."



    Ahem... Wonderful news indeed... Glad Capcom decided to make Tri's online free - a wise decision on their part as that will help it appeal to more players. Anyone interested in that dem…

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