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    May 5, 2011 by MH-TheNaturalist


    I finally whooped Barioth, using Ingot Armor, various decorations and Red Bludgeon. 3rd time's the charm! Thank goodness for that little chunk of bait Cha Cha. I think that's all I use him for. >>' Just mainly focusing on the wings and then whacking the cat in the face. He was challenging but fun too. Next up is Diablos. I think I'll putz aroud and do some set building for now.

    Everyone that I know IRL that plays this tends to say that I need to use Greatsword. But I HATE it. At least with the Hammer you can run at decent speed. But with the Greatsword I feel like I'm hauling a tree around and I can't maneuver fast enough. I think I'm just being impatient and whiny, but I've always preferred a Hammer anyway in…

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