• MC707

    Cnet Review Comment

    December 10, 2009 by MC707

    I write this blog in the frustration of not being able to comment a review by CNet. The review is for MHF2, although most (if not all) points are the same for MHFU (correct me if I'm wrong), which is the first MH game that I've played (and that I am currently playin'). I want to tackle some points that make me sick about the review, and support other points which just make me nod in agreement (the former having more).

    "Like the previous PSP entry, the latest lacks a lock-on system, is afflicted with a terrible camera, and misses the Internet play that made Monster Hunter G so amenable."
    • I almost hit my face against my desk trying to nod in agreement. Despite many people putting excuses like using the index finger to move camera or something …

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