I"M CURRENTLY PLAYING MHP2ndG AND I LOVE SLAYING RATHALOS!But when I saw the silver sol armor, it inspires me to slay the silver rathalos! Its fun killing him with the Devil Slicer because when I slash his wings, blood! flowed out and it makes me powerful seeing blood.When I realize that every piece of the silver sol needs 1 rathalos ruby so I tried my best to get it from 20 silver rathalos but still I can't get it! May be I should improve my weapon.... and so I improve my weapon by HUNTING A LOT OF KHEZUS to obtain 1 KHEZU PALE STEAK! Then after that I repeat what I suppose to do.4WEEKS of hunting and slaying, NO RATHALOS RUBIES!!!!! WHY,WHY WHY!!! I even watched videos how to obtain RATHALOS RUBIES but nothing showed up on my reward screen and even on my carves! Can someone help me WITH RATHALOS RUBIES!!!??

hunter rank: 5 ( I'm doing nekoht"s quest because it gives rarer items)

current armor:Monoblos S Armor full

I'm a Longsword user so I use longsword on tough quests.

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