Some of you may be aware that there used to be a thread on the Minegarde forums that had the aim of talking about the various things in Monster Hunter that don't make sense and trying to explain them rationally and scientifically. It died a death, but I always found it very interesting, and I thought it might be a good idea to try and re-create the same thing here... except in Blog form.

3rdGen-Barroth Render 001

You can ask a question that's been puzzling you for a while, or try to answer a pre-existing one. Or both, it doesn't really matter.

'Who would win a fight between x and x' questions are ok, just as long as they don't become the sole focus of the blog.

It's ok for some questions to just say 'Developer choice/hardware or game limitation', but not all of them, obviously. (This applies to questions like 'why do small monster corpses mysteriously vanish after about 30 seconds?').

I'll try and get the ball rolling with a couple of questions:
- Do you think Gravios and Uragaan get all the energy they need from rocks/the microbes in rocks, or would they need to eat other things as well?
- Why does Quru Subspecies live in the Volcano? Quru mainly eats fish (at least in the Ecology video) and the Volcano seems an extraordinarily poor choice of habitat for a fish-eater. Now, the Flooded Forest, that makes sense.

Generally Accepted Hypotheses

Hotly Debated Hypotheses

Disproven but Impressive Hypotheses

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