Welcome to Monster Appreciation Day: Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian!

Wait, deja vu? I know, I already did a Silver and Gold blog for the Unite MADs... but I thought I'd do another for the sake of completion in MH3U. And because they have actually changed a bit since MHFU.

MHP3-Silver Rathalos Render 001
MHP3-Gold Rathian Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Silver Rathalos Icon A rare variant of Rathalos with a beautiful silver body reminiscent of the sun. Little is known about their behavior or physiology--including the source of their rich silver sheen.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Gold Rathian Icon A rare variant of Rathian with a beautiful golden body reminiscent of the moon. Little is known about their behavior or physiology--including the source of their rich golden sheen.

MH3U Weapons


Silver Rathalos Gunlance Weapon Tree

Silver Rook
Indent01Chariot Gun
IndentIndent01 World's Demise


Silver Rathalos Hammer Weapon Tree

Leonid Starcrusher
Indent01 Svarog Starsmasher

Long Sword

Silver Rathalos LS Weapon Tree

Wyvern Blade "Pale"
Indent01 Wyvern Blade "Bloom"

MH3U Weapons

Sword and Shield

Weapon524 Weapon Tree

Golden Falchion
Indent01 Golden Radius


Gold Rathian Gunlance Weapon Tree

Queen's Panoply
Indent01Shining Ishtar

Hunting Horn

Gold Rathian HH Weapon Tree

Gold Chordmaker
Indent01 Lunar Chordmaker


Gold Rathian Bow Weapon Tree

Selene Moonbroken

MH3U - Silver Rathalos HBG (HD)12:23

MH3U - Silver Rathalos HBG (HD)

Title MH3U: Silver Rathalos (HBG)
by Zamereon
Gold Rathian MH3U12:51

Gold Rathian MH3U

Title MH3U: Gold Rathian (LS)
by Xenryu

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