Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Sand Barioth!

Desert-dwelling Subspecies of Barioth, Sand Barioth is a monster to be feared. It can conjure tornadoes!

3rdGen-Sand Barioth Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Sand Barioth Icon A Barioth subspecies that resides in the Sandy Plains. Their breath is strong enough to generate tornadoes, which they then use to travel at high speeds. Their yellow carapaces are tinted red, and their fangs shine deep blue when polished.

MH3U Weapons


Indent Weapon Tree

Indent01 Simoom Sandbarb
IndentIndent01 Simoom Sandbiter

Dual Swords

MH3U-Dual Blades Render 039 Weapon Tree

Ventus Vindictus
Indent01 Raider's Savagery


MH3G-Barioth&Barioth Sub Lance Weapon Tree

Tusk Lance
Indent01 Tusk Lance+
IndentIndentIndent01 Shiera Stolrata
IndentIndentIndentIndent01 Shiera Vitalica

Switch Axe

Barioth Sub SA (Axe)
Barioth Sub SA (Sword)
Weapon Tree

Azurite Slash Axe
Indent01 Gale Azurite
IndentIndent01 Giga Gale Azurite


Indent Weapon Tree

Lithe Saberbow
Indent01 Fallenfriede
IndentIndent01 Rafalga Sandraider


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Sand Barioth18:03

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Sand Barioth

Title Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Sand Barioth
by DigdugDak908

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