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Monster Appreciation Week: Lucent Nargacuga

Lord Loss September 22, 2013 User blog:Lord Loss
Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Lucent Nargacuga!
This week we continue with the Rare Species, and reach one of the more... interesting monster variations in the game - the amazing invisible Nargacuga. That also poisons you.
MH3U-Lucent Nargacuga Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Lucent Nargacuga Icon A rare species of Nargacuga whose behavior and habitat are shrouded in mystery. Legend claims it appears on foggy nights at a remote and well-hidden location, but the veracity of this claim is still being researched by the guild.


Low and behold, no weapon images! I find it quite funny we have fairly solid equipment pages for the most obscure Frontier monsters, but nothing for the end-game creatures from the most recently localised game.

Some armor pictures, though.


Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Lucent Nargacuga Species24:43

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Lucent Nargacuga Species

Title Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Nargacuga Rare Species
by GSD993

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